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Bryan Dodge and special guest Dr Tom Morter.

With over 30 years of experience in personal and professional development, Bryan Dodge and the Dodge Development team have a proven record of helping companies achieve their goals. Bryan is an expert in helping businesses thrive. He is especially adept in equipping companies and family businesses with the tools they need to succeed, such as:


  • Assistance in developing a clear business strategy to promote consistent upward growth
  • Creating a strategy that encourages solid business ethics and a culture of moral practices
  • Human resource management and development tools to ensure that employees are placed in positions where they will succeed
  • Leadership training to build teams that are committed, loyal, and that generate results
  • Inspirational techniques to create and maintain an upbeat, positive and productive work environment.


Bryan Dodge is the best-selling author of “The Good Life Rules: 8 Keys to Being Your Best at Work and at Play,” published by McGraw-Hill, and co-author of “Becoming the Obvious Choice: A Guide to Your Next Opportunity.” Bryan’s new book “The Principles of an Unstoppable Family Business: How Successful Family Businesses Think and Grow” was released May 29th, 2018.


Bryan has delivered thousands of presentations over the past 25+ years, to clients as diverse as Fortune 500 corporations, community organizations, and small family-owned businesses. He has also hosted the “Build a Better You” radio program, which aired on WBAP 820 AM and KLIF 570 AM News. Bryan Dodge is the founder of Results, Inc., a company aimed at promoting educational seminars throughout the United States and Canada.

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